Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Ladie's Luncheon/An Appointment with God

Okay, the last photo I posted was another shot from Moshe's birthday party. I think it's soooo funny how people look (dressed up) while having very serious conversations. This photo is of Moshe talking politics with our friends Parker and Barb.

Speaking of Barb... Yesterday I went to a ladie's luncheon in her honor. There were about twenty ladies there, all, of course, bearing large quantites of wonderful food. For once, I did not overeat, probably because I was so busy talking, AND because I've recently been experiencing symptoms of ?gallstones, ?diverticulosis, or ???

Anyhow, what a great time we had! I met some of Barb's relatives, and we really hit it off. One person, in particular, was a "God Appointment". We were meant to meet. We have lots and lots in common, plus, we look as if we should be sisters. We exchanged phone numbers, etc., and I look forward to conversing more with Valerie in the future. (As she said, we really ARE sisters in the eyes of God.)

Today is Father's Day, and I am blessed to still have both my parents. They are both 85 years old, active, and in good health. Isn't that great?
Today is also Sunday. Although we celebrate the Sabbath (which is Saturday) by relaxing and not doing any ordinary work, commerce, etc., we attend church services on Sunday because there are no Saturday services up here in the mountains. We are Messianic, which means that although we have Jewish heritage, we believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Messiah. We still practice the Jewish customs and Feast Days, but also believe in Christianity. As my new friend, Val, said yesterday, "It's like being double-dipped in God's grace."
Shalom, y'all!!!

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