Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, You Romantic Devil, You

This morning's post included a picture of one of the chicken arks. Did you notice the big white cat INSIDE the ark with the chickens? This is CasPurr; he's been friends with the chickens since they were two days old. CasPurr was following Moshe around the yard one morning, as he usually does, "helping" with the chores, when he stuck his head into the ark. Moshe let him go inside, then ran and fetched the camera to capture the moment. The chickens were cool about it, but CasPurr was kinda' scared. I think he was afraid he's have to stay in there like the chickens do... Too funny!

Our life in the country is a peaceful and beautiful existence. We live a simple life. No TV or radio to gum up the works with negativity. We do have the internet, obviously...

A couple hours ago I was outside looking at the plants and visiting with the chickens. I was hand-feeding them greens, which they love. Their favorite is dandelion greens. Moshe & I laugh at ourselves for getting excited over seeing a big dandelion plant, knowing that "the peeps" will love those greens!!!

One day about a month ago, Moshe went out of town for some dental work. That afternoon, I heard his truck turn in the driveway. As I watched him get out of the truck, I saw a flash of something and then he hid it behind his back. "Ah-Ha!", said I. As he came to the back door, I hurried to greet him, thinking, "Oh, that sweet man has brought me a bouquet..." As he opened the door, he said, "Hey, Baby! D'ya' wanna' help me feed the peeps?" And, he swept forth the "bouquet", which was giant dandelion greens. The bouquet was for the chickens. I have since threatened to write a book about these type of incidents and name it "Oh, You Romantic Devil, You".

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