Wednesday, August 25, 2010


          Wow.  A year ago today I signed the papers on the mountain property.  Immediately after, I went to the Humane Society, formally adopted CassPurr, and we headed to our new home.  It has been an adventure ever since.
          I met CassPurr about three months before the adoption.  The day I first saw him, I was still reeling from the death of my dear Annie, who had been my companion for 12 years.  My daughter, Melody, and I entered the thrift store, not thinking about the fact that there would be animals there.  At first I didn't want to look at them, thinking it would pain my heart too much.  But, Melody coaxed me to meet "this big, beautiful white cat."  CassPurr was so charming!  He had me at "Hello"...

       Like so many animals adopted from the Humane Society, CassPurr had a sad past.  He had been owned by a young couple who, when she became pregnant, gave him to the Humane Society.  In ignorance, they thought he would harm the baby.  CassPurr stayed at the Humane Society    for several   months, living in a cage, getting out only at night to exercise in the back room of the thrift store.  The ladies at the Humane Society kept him longer than the usual time, hoping he would find a home and not be euthanised.

     I visited "Cassie" several times over the months while I waited for the closing date on the property. On my last visit before the closing, my Mom came with me.  We visited CassPurr, of course.  I told the employees I'd be back in a week or so to get him.  As we started to drive out of the parking lot, Mom said, "I have a feeling you should go ahead and pay for his adoption now."  I listened to my Mom's instinct, turned around, went back in the store, and adopted him with the understanding that I would pick him up on the date of the house closing.
     After I had CassPurr securely at our new home, the ladies at the Humane Society told me that CassPurr was scheduled to be euthanised the day I paid for his adoption and filled out the adoption papers. Had I waited until the house closing, he would have been gone. There are no coincidences in life. None.
                                                                                              Shalom,     Twyla

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