Saturday, August 28, 2010

mountain life

     Mountain life is different.  Different than anywhere else.  I've often said that it's like a step back in time.  Qualities such as honesty and integrity are the rule, not the exception. Where else but in out little community could the people down the road have a little vegetable stand, selling their excess garden produce - with a jar to put the money in?!? Purely on the honor system.  Where else could we buy hundreds of dollars worth of hay from a complete stranger and be told, " I'm busy today, so, when you get all your hay delivered, just count up how much you owe me and leave a check in that ol' pickup over yonder."?

          These aren't isolated events; they are commonplace.  There is a spirit here; a spirit of love and peace and kindness. This is the evidence of the existence of the One True God. I don't know why His Spirit is so strong here, but I'm glad to be here and to be a part of it.
          The simple life is the better life.  I love my kitchen gadgets and my air conditioning.  But, if the day comes when I have to give them up, I'll be glad to be "roughing it" in the mountains - the land of the free and the home of the brave.
                                                 Shalom,   Twyla

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