Friday, August 20, 2010

Organic Eggs vs Storebought

This  is from a  CNN news story I read last night on the Internet:

A law firm specializing in food poisoning cases has filed a suit related to the tainted eggs

The CDC estimates hundreds of Americans have been rendered ill by contaminated eggs

Iowa's Wright County Egg has recalled 380 million eggs due to salmonella concerns

The U.S. egg industry produced about 6.5 billion eggs in April

The Egg Safety Center has a complete list of recalled eggs, their expiration dates, and brands.

(CNN) -- Hundreds of Americans have likely become ill from tainted eggs, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC spokeswoman Lola Russell said Thursday.

The Food and Drug Administration, which investigates food contamination, said the CDC received reports of approximately 200 salmonella cases every week during late June and early July. Normally, the CDC has received an average of some 50 reports of salmonella illness each week for the past five years. Many states have also reported increases of this pattern since May 2010, the FDA said.

A few of our organic eggs.


 WOW! I'm so glad we have our 11 hens  - we get between 8 and 13 eggs per day... Nice, pretty, brown, organic SAFE eggs.  Thanks to "Pretty Face", "Runt",  "Miss Congeniality", "Big Mouth", et al. Various shades of brown, various sizes... invariably delicious and healthy. All praise be to God.

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