Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day In the Life of...

Two baby goats spent the night with us last night - Lil Bit (of course!), and a baby billy that I have dubbed "Toby".  (I can't help myself; everybody gets a name around here... Gosh, even my Jeep has a name - Elvis!)
Lil Bit on the linoleum... and, Oh my gosh, where is her diaper?
So, Lil Bit and Toby were pretty good house guests.  Toby was overwhelmed at first, and just stood like a statue.  Poor thing.  He became much more relaxed after a long session wrapped in a big towel, and sitting on my lap.  Lil Bit recognized "home" immediately, and she ran up and down the hall, jumped around, did every cute goat trick imaginable.  She LOVES to click her little hoofs on the linoleum in the kitchen.  I told Moshe she is practicing the River Dance.  I wish I knew how to take a video of her with my phone - it is hilarious to watch!

 Both  babies (almost incredibly!) settled down in the designated goat area of the bed.  And, except for one brief and unsuccessful attempt by Lil Bit to get the bottle,  they slept all night.  Alas, CassPurr  got on the bed at 4AM,  wanting his kibble. When I spoke to CassPurr, Moxie came around to my side of the bed, whining to go out.  Then, the goats were up,  "Ma-a-a- ing" like an operatic duet. Such powerful voices these little creatures have!  So, we were all up.  Changing goat diapers. Warming goat bottles.  Cuddling and talking to the precious babies... Fed cat. Fed dog. Fed people.  Fed chickens.
CassPurr - the most patient kitty, ever!
Toby went back to the farm, but Lil Bit is staying with me today.  Lil Bit is snuggled at my feet under my desk, happy to lay on the edge of the heating pad, amidst the tangle of computer cords, extension cords, etc.  Meanwhile, CassPurr is ensconced on "his" sofa.  He came into the office, inspected Lil Bit, ate some kibble, and went back to the couch. He is - without a doubt - the most patient kitty ever.  He has tolerated, even welcomes, dogs, cats, chickens, and now goats!  What a nice boy!

One of Lil Bit's sisters will come and spend the night tonight.  The owner of the farm where the baby goats were born wants to start a petting zoo, so the more socialized the goats are, the better. So, the babies are being rotated... all spending the night here to get human contact. It's okay with me as long as the diapers work and the babies don't start chewing up sundry items such as clothing, furniture, important documents... minor get the picture.

It's overcast and cool today.  I'm going to make barbecue sauce; going to make some BBQ chicken with some of it; can or freeze the rest.  I already baked dog biscuits for Moxie and Beau, as well as cornbread for us people this morning. Since I have a bunch of cooked chicken on hand, I will probably also make chicken salad and/or chicken pot pie. Some days are just designed for lots of cooking.

It would be a nice gesture on my part to sweep, mop, and vacuum as well. Then, if there is any energy left, I'd like to paint.  I have two or three ideas floating around in my head... would like to get them on paper before they dissolve.  We'll see...

Shalom  Y'all - Twyla

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