Sunday, February 20, 2011

Make New Friends, Keep the Old


yours truly, in "full dress" tea party garb

Generally speaking, when someone answers the door dressed like this, something "unusual" is going on...

Moshe, also in "full dress"

Yesterday we had another of our "tea party" dinner parties.  This time,  I didn't even tell Moshe I was making it a "tea party" until the morning of the event.  Obviously, none of the guests was expecting it...  One couple, John and Kay, had never met us before!  They came up with our friends, Pat and Teresa, for the purpose of meeting us.  Little did they know how much laughter they were in for.

New friends, John and Kay

 Turns out, Teresa had been telling them about my tea parties.   Teresa admitted that she wished I was throwing a tea party - as opposed to a "normal" dinner - but, she didn't want to ask me to do it, because of the extra work.  She almost called and asked, but decided not to... So, she was AMAZED when they arrived to find us greeting them at the door "in full dress"... Teresa's arm shot up in the air, and she hollered, "Praise the Lord, It's a tea party!"

John, Kay, Pat, Teresa, and Twyla
     We had lots of fun, but lots of serious conversation, too.  John and Kay are ordained ministers, and are the founders of "Save Our Kids Outreach".  Based in Wilmington, N.C., this ministry is a local, national, and international outreach program.  This ministry, which started in 1993 as a puppet ministry, has grown into a world-wide evangelical ministry, taking the message of the Gospel to people of all ages. Over spaghetti dinner, we heard of their experiences in Israel, where doors were miraculously opened for them to teach and minister in that country.  Truly amazing experiences!

The hours sped by way too quickly.  We had a Havdallah service, and prayer time, and it was time for all the company to go;  everyone had a busy schedule the following day - today!


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