Monday, October 18, 2010

What A Day!!!

      This is one of those chain of events wherein nothing would've been the same if the timing had been a little different...
     We took a truckload of stuff from the shed to donate to the local Humane Society.  Literally a truckload.
I had argued with myself many times  about whether to donate the stuff or try to sell it; it was good stuff!
Finally, this morning I told Moshe that the right thing to do was donate it all so that someone else could be blessed... So, we loaded it all up before lunch and took it into town right after eating.
     When we got there, I  went inside the Humane Society Thrift store so that I could get a receipt for the donations. And who do I see but our neighbor Mary from down the road! (We only have one real neighbor on our road.  There are five houses, but the rest of them are vacation cabins.  Mary and her family and Moshe and I are the only fulltime people on our road.)
      Well, Mary immediately asked me if we wanted seven baby chicks. I went and got Moshe, and he said, "Yes."  So, about an hour later, Mary brought us the babies.  They are the same size as our chicks - a couple weeks old.  They are tame like ours, having been held and petted since "birth".  Tonight, after dark, Moshe will put the new babies in with Pretty Face and her two chicks.  Won't THAT be a surprise when she wakes up and has all those babies!!!
     So, Mary stayed and visited with me awhile after we got the chicks settled in the temporary cage, with chicken mash, water, etc.  We were talking about our various pets, and I mentioned that I had given up on CassPurr - figured he must be dead or gone in someone's car and ended up in Florida or something.  Mary said, "No. I just saw him at Mr Smith's house a week ago."  To which I said, "Where is Mr Smith's house?"  And Mary replied, "Right next door to you."
     I knew that the man nextdoor had been up here for a week or so.  I also knew he had gone back to his regular home a couple days ago... So, Mary, Moshe and I, plus various and sundry cats and dogs all walked through the woods over to the Smith cabin.  I spotted Cassie first; he was resting on an old cushion up near the woodpile in the corner of Mr Smith's yard.  I called him.  He talked to me.  He came up to me and I picked him up.  We both purred at each other.  Just like the old days.
CassPurr on the front porch
So I carried him back through the woods.  Home again, home again, jiggity jig.  I opened a can of his food, and, he is a happy, happy boy.  He has since inspected the entire house, and, apparently, it meets his approval.  Last I looked, CassPurr was sleeping with the teddy bears on the guestroom bed , just as if he'd never been gone.
     The baby chicks are in their temporary cage on the counter in one of the bathrooms - with a heater going in the room to keep them warm.  Cassie is contentedly sleeping.  Moshe is reorganizing the shed now that all that stuff is gone.  I'm cooking supper and typing this blog.  And poor Moxie is beside herself with all the activity;  she really wants to be with the new chicks, and she really wants to be with Moshe, and she really smells the supper cooking, so wants to be with me.  She hasn't even noticed CassPurr yet...
     Like I said, "What a day!"
                Shalom y'all - twyla

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