Friday, January 14, 2011

If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

       Yessiree.  That old saying is a good one.  But, even when it's a good picture, people like me just have to make a little more the very least, a caption for each.  So, here are a few:   Some are repeat photos, most are new:
Peep and Chicken Little;  or, is it Arnold Schwartzeneger and
 Danny DeVito?
(Twins, separated at birth)

"Do these feathers make my butt look big?"

"Honey, I think the oven needs to be a little warmer before I put the biscuits in."

"Sheessh... Can't a girl have a little privacy while she's settin'?
What? Were you born in a barn?"

"We are big roosters, and we WILL attack you!"

"Oh, brother... yet another lower life form has invaded my space."

"Uh, I'm keepin' the bed warm for ya' "

"Bookends - Ebony and Ivory"
"I luv you, Mommy and Daddy"
" Get that #%^* thing off of me! Who the *@# do you think you are?"

"Wow, thanks! What a nice buffet!"
"The Grim Reaper with his Ice Sickle"
"The  beard contest"
"Oh, I always dress like this when I'm gardening..."

     Okay, that's fourteen photos - one for each day of this year!  I don't think  y'all could take much more than that.  Hope you've enjoyed my little bit of silliness.

                     SHALOM  Y'ALL - TWYLA

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