Friday, January 7, 2011

This Is A Must-See!!!

   If you think that Islam is a "peaceful religion", this is a must-see.  The man giving the lecture is Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim.  He grew up in Jerusalem, was taught to hate Jews and Christians - in that order.   He is now a Christian, and is trying to educate Americans about how serious the Islamic threat really is.
Walid  Shoebat

 There are two segments, each about 45 minutes long.  We have watched it twice, each time wishing he would talk even longer!  We watched it with open Bibles and pen and paper.  I have about three hours worth of reading to do in the scriptures - references Walid gave in his talk that I want to read word-for-word.

  We also watched Mr Shoebats' video, " ...on being taught to hate the Jew...".  It was eye-opening as well.
If you are interested in seeing/hearing more of  Mr Shoebat's  speeches, Google his name and you will find an assortment of videos.   The next one I want to watch is "FIRED UP at Six Flags", which was filmed on Dec 27th, 2010.
     Sorry this is such a somber topic, but it's been on my mind... And, it might  help explain why I devised my little "Muslim Cosby Show" the other day in response to Katie Couric's nonsense on TV.
     I will try - tomorrow - to go back to my lighter side...


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