Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Newest Addition


 Just a posting, short and sweet, to introduce the newest member of the Ben-David household:  Pickles.

Pickles was adopted from the Humane Society Friday March 11th, and brought home to join Moshe, Twyla, CassPurr, Moxie and Beau. Pickles is a very active, very funny kitten about 8 months old.  He has already brought us lots of laughs.  He loves to play with fingers and toes, teases Moxie and CassPurr with his antics, sleeps nuzzled either by my side or in Moshe's beard! He prefers my home made dog food to the storebought cat food that CassPurr eats,  so he now had his very own little bowl for just that!  He likes to watch the toilet flush,  and he loves to watch TV! (Don't bother asking, Pickles... Moshe will never give up the remote!)


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