Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Master Artist

Some  local scenery - obviously painted by The Master Artist!
   Set thy gaze toward heaven. Lo, thine eyes shall behold My glory.
     For I have brought thee through the testing time, and my heart rejoiceth over thee.  Thou seeth but a part of the picture, but I see the design in its completion.  Thou canst not know what is in My mind and what I am creating with the materials of thy life.
     Only be thou yielded in My hands.  Thou needest not to make thine own plans, for I am in control, and thou wouldst bring disaster by interference, even as a child who would wish to help a master artist, and with untrained use of the brush would ruin the canvas.
     So rests thy soul, this knowing, that I have been at work, and in ways thou hast least suspected; for the picture in thy thinking and the work with which I was engaged were entirely different.

desert winds - photo by Melody Germain (my daughter)

  I make no idle strokes. What I do is never haphazard.  I am  never merely mixing colors out of casual curiosity. My every move is one of vital creativity, and every stroke is part of the whole.
     Never be dismayed by apparent incongruity.  Never be alarmed by a sudden dash of color seemingly out of context.  Say only to thy questioning heart, 'It is the Infinite wielding His brush; surely He doeth all things well.' "
           - from "Come Away My Beloved", by  Frances J. Roberts  (one of my favorite books)

the Dead Sea

Shalom Y'all - Twyla

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