Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Sky Is Falling

left to right - Blondie and Chicken Little
    Okay. What a strange day.  The oddest thing happened this afternoon.  I was in the kitchen and had just put the lasagna noodles into the pot of boiling water when Moshe came in the back door.  He had the funniest look on his face; somewhere between incredulity and being in on a private joke...
     He said, "Come outside."  I hesitated.  He said it again.  A bunch of thoughts raced through my mind... Did we have unexpected company?  Maybe someone I hadn't seen in a long time?  Or, was there a new puppy or kitten out there?  He said, "Turn to your right."  I did so.  He then instructed me to walk down the side of the house and toward the chicken arks.  By the time I got to the steps leading down to the yard, I spotted her;  a pretty little white chicken.  Almost identical in size to our peeps.
     Moshe got some corn and pellets to throw to her and we approached her from opposite sides.  She was REALLY easy to catch - obviously not wild like some we've tried to catch.  I picked her up and held her, carried her to the coop and put her in with the peeps.  She got up on one of the roosts, and seemed pretty happy there.  The other peeps tolerated her presence without many ruffled feathers.  "Blondie" made a point of letting her know that he IS the boss of her,  but moments later they were side by side eating. 
"May I have this dance?"
 I've decided to call her "Chicken Little".  She looked so tiny when I first lay eyes on her... AND, the sky must be falling, 'cause it seemed as if she fell out of it!  A week or so ago, I wrote in my blog titled, "Reigning Cats and Dogs", about windstsorms carrying animals and depositing them in odd places.  But, there wasn't any wind today.  We suspect that someone who knows we have chickens needed to get rid of this little chickie for some reason, and they just dropped her off, much like people drop off unwanted puppies, kittens, and - sadly - babies. 
     And so we have one more peep to add to our menagerie.  Next time somebody wants to drop off "spare animals", how 'bout a pygmy goat or two???
               Shalom Y'all - Twyla

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