Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Snow Pics

Azaleas,  "in bloom"
   I'm not going to say a lot.  Just wanted to post some of my fav pics from this morning.  I do have to say one thing:  I find it fascinating that snow is not white.  Take a look at these photos, and you will see that some of them have a distinctly pink look.  Or lavendar.  Or blue.  Etc.  None of them has been doctored by computer in any way... Yours truly wouldn't know how to do so even if I wanted to... Hope you will enjoy...
     Oh, and, by the way, the official weather report claims that we had approximately two inches of snow... Ummm... does anybody know where I can email these photos to let "them" know how much we really have??? 
Our driveway is just to the right of the hitching post sticking up... the "road" has tracks from one brave truck yesterday...  (this pic looks grey-blue to me)
Moxie and Beau... playing in the snow...
One happy dawg!
Ummm... never mind...

Crepe Myrtle, "blooming"  (this pic looks pink to me...)

Care to gather 'round the fire pit???

"Weeping Pine"  kinda' looks pink, doesn't it?

Shalom Y'all - Twyla

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