Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Apple a Day... give or take a hundred or two

My little watercolor magnet - Apples!
     So, yesterday we went to the farmer's market in a town about half an hour from ours.  They have a nice pavillion where "just folks" can set up  booths and sell their fruit, vegetables, preserves, baked goods, honey, etc.  Food stuff.  Homegrown.  Healthy.  We like!
     At the last minute, just before we got in the truck, I suggested to Moshe that we take some eggs with us and see if we could trade.  Great success! We traded eggs for some wonderful local honey and some beautiful butternut squash, plus we made new connections with those folks - traded phone numbers, that sort of thing. 
     We also bought bell peppers, both red and green - for 33 cents each!!! Can you believe it?  And, we bought a big sack of locally-grown sweet potatoes - about 10 pounds for 3 dollars and change.  And a few tomatoes - surely the last for the year for local tomatoes.
       And, of course, we bought lots and lots of apples.  More apples to make apple butter, apple sauce, apple pie filling.  More apples to dehydrate. So, I am back in the apple-processing mode... Will be peeling, coring, slicing, cooking, spicing, canning, drying apples. Praise God for the wonderful kitchen gadgets that help with all these apple duties!  We are blessed beyond measure to have peeler-slicer-corer, a blender, a cuisinart, and an enormous pressure cooker, all of which I will use today.
          If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I should be healthy for several more months!
                                                                                        Shalom y'all,

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