Friday, September 3, 2010

Dare To Be Different

               This is one of my most-favorite-ever watercolors.  I painted it over three years ago, and it remains a favorite.  I painted this when I saw a bunch of tulips in the flower bed right by my doorway.  All of them were the same, except one.   I felt akin to the different tulip;  I have never quite "fit in", sometimes to my chagrin and sometimes to my relief...
       my chagrin, back in my highschool days when everybody wants to fit in; I was the artistic type, the one who dressed differently, the all-A student who did NOT participate in student council, because it was too clique-ish...
               ...and, to my relief, throughout my Christian walk I don't WANT to fit in!  The LORD tells His people to be set apart.  And, I am set apart.  I am the orange tulip. All praise be to God.
               Dare to be different!
                                                                                       Shalom Y'all!     Twyla

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