Monday, September 13, 2010

Thoughts on Old Barns

     As I've said before, I collect pictures of old barns.  Somehow, the more dilapidated they are, the more interesting I find them. I think they show character in their worn appearance.  The weary-looking barns have more to say than a brand-spankin' new, store-bought, pre-fab building; the wear speaks of purpose, usefulness, perhaps of being abandoned or replaced... There is a certain beauty in the discoloration of the wood, the rusting of the tin roof, the holes where little wild animals have created homes for themselves in these "empty" buildings.  Some are overtaken with vines or weeds or moss.  They could speak volumes about the cycle of life, if only one would listen...
     Like people,  appearance is only a small part of the testimony.  A person - or a barn - can look pretty darn worn out, yet testify of a noble and productive life.  We should all be so fortunate as to converse - really converse - with the elderly.  They have so much to offer. Back home, I knew a lady who was 102 years old, and sharp as a tack. She had difficulty hearing and seeing.  She  used a cane to walk, and had her share  of aches and pains.  But, ohhh, her spirit! Her sense of humor. Her recollections of things past! Wow!

          This barn seems beyond repair, yet, what all purposes did it have over the years?
                                                                     Shalom Y'all,  Twyla

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