Sunday, September 5, 2010

We're All Little Children

          Yep. Regardless of how fearless we try to appear, how grown-up we try to act, how sophisticated we try to present ourselves as being,  we all are little children.
          What do children need to be happy and well-adjusted?
               #1: Love.  Everybody needs love.  And, we don't just need love; we need to know that we are loved.  We all need to love and be loved.  We all desire to be told we are loved and shown we are loved.  And, we want to be able to express love, without fear of rejection.  What happens when these things are missing in life?  Depression, fear, lack of trust, disrespect for authority, inadequate relationships...  to name a few.
                #2: Attention.  Someone who will really listen.  Someone who spends time, invests time.  Someone who will just hold you when you're tired or sad.  Everybody needs somebody.  Without attention from other human beings, life is empty and lonely.  Babies in orphanages have been known to die due to lack of human touch. Sick elderly people give up if they are lonely as well as physically ailing.
               #3: Discipline.  Yes, discipline.  We all need rules to live by.  Most of us do better if we have somewhat of a schedule - eat meals at about the same time every day, get up around the same time each morning, etc.  Children desperately need structure in their  lives and to be told what is right and wrong. The older I get, the more I realize that I desperately need these things as well.  I find that the more disciplined my life is, the closer I feel to God.  God is a God of order, not confusion. What does your inner child need?  Try to find out; then, fulfill it. You're only young once - now!

Me, many moons ago, with my parents.
                                                               Shalom Y'all,   Twyla

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  1. I can hardly recognize Lou and George, or you either, for that matter.