Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Cleaning

     Oh, my goodness!  SOMEBODY got it in her head to start Fall cleaning... Guess who?  Much like Spring cleaning, it is tiring, yet fun.  I love to rearrange furniture, and, I'm married to the most cooperative guy on the planet.  He not only helps with the moving and cleaning, but also really likes the results!  How nice! I got this brainstorm to swap entire rooms.  So, all the STUFF from two rooms had to be moved.  Wow.  What a job.  But, it's almost completely done, and it has only taken two days. I am amazed.  Of course, my feet hurt terribly, but, that will pass.  I'm so excited;  taking a break at the computer right now, but, can't wait to go back out there and hang curtains!  Photos of the room-swapping result to follow another day...
An Autumn view in the mountains.

      Interesting that the spirit hit me to do Fall cleaning just a few days before Yom Kippur -  the day of atonement.    In Judaism, there is a period of 10 days (the ten days of awe), wherein one is supposed to examine oneself, and "clean up" any messes from the past year... This brings one to better self-realization and to a higher level of communion with God.
      So, we are Fall cleaning within and without this week. 

     Shalom Y'all,    

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