Friday, September 10, 2010

An Earth-shaking Trip to the Beach

     Yesterday we went to the beach.  It was a beautiful, cloudless day. A bit cooler than the last time we went, we didn't bother to float on our rafts, but greatly enjoyed sitting in our beach chairs with our feet in the water, feeding the fish and the ducks. The fish and ducks know our voices now, and quickly come to greet us... they're not dumb... they know we feed them every time!
   The ducks were up at the edge of the parking lot when we arrived, and Moshe got some photos of them following me down to the beach.  They are shameless little beggars!  They not only recognize our voices, they know the sound of me opening a sleeve of Ritz crackers - their favorite!
     We've noticed that Mama Duck stays further away from her five babies... I guess she is getting ready to release them;  they are bigger than she is!
Summer is so close to being over.  I will miss all our little friends from nature.  I hope they will remember us next year...

     So, anyhow, we were sitting in the water in our beach chairs, when we noticed a bizarre occurence.  Moshe and I both saw it at the same time... the waves on the beach started going backwards.  This continued for about a minute, maybe two... Neither of us had ever seen such a thing before.  Moshe spoke
what I was thinking - earthquake. 
     Well, so far as I know, nobody here in our little mountain town felt the earth move or heard their china rattling... Nevertheless, I looked on an Internet site which traces earthquake activity, and there was an earthquake  on the New Madrid Fault within minutes prior to our experience.  Wow!
      What we experienced is called a seiche - an oscillation of a body of water caused by the movement of the ground or underground from an earthquake.
     The photo to the right is of the part of the beach where we saw the backwards waves. Absolutely
fascinating to see such an unusual sight, but, I think it's enough earthquake activity for me!!!

             Shalom Y'all,   Twyla

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