Monday, September 6, 2010

Elvis and Me

           Elvis is a good friend of mine.  After all those reports of losing him, I thought I'd clarify things once and for all - Elvis is still around, and he resides at my house!
           He's a little squarer than you probably remember him; but, hey, the years tend to do that to all of us...
           He still has that shiny black outfit... You know, the one he shimmied in to the delight of millions of naive highschool girls.  The one that Ed Sullivan did not want on his variety show.
           But, same as all of us, he's getting older.  He has a lot of gas,  makes several other odd noises, and can be cranky  and kind of cold in the morning.
           I would miss him terribly if he left for any reason.
           Y'know, Elvis was originally a country boy, so it makes sense that he ended up here... the simple life... country living. I think he's happier than he's ever been!

Elvis and me... did you guess?     :)
  Shalom Y'all!     Twyla

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