Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chicken Talk

     Chickens talk to me and I understand most of what they're saying. (Scary, isn't it?) When our chickens were only a few days old, I could tell whether or not they were happy.  Just as a mother knows her babies' different cries,  I could tell when they were simply greeting Moshe and me, when they were hungry, when they were distressed. They were and are still very social, and always talk to us when they see or hear us.
     Yesterday we were sitting in our office at the computers when I heard a chicken cackle.  I said to Moshe, "Somebody is announcing that she just layed an egg."  He was amazed and amused at my interpretation of chicken language. I can't decide if the "I-just-produced-an-egg cackle" is a proud statement
of accomplishment or a statement of relief - "Sheesh, I'm glad THAT'S over!"  But, regardless, it is a recognizable statement.
     One day we were out doing various yard chores.  We had checked the coops for eggs, then went on to harvest some veggies.  A couple minutes into our gardening there was a big commotion.  The chickens in coop #2 were making strange noises I had never heard before.  I instinctively knew it was some sort of alarm. I told Moshe something was wrong.  (Moshe has a slight hearing deficit, whereas my hearing is more keen than 'most anyone I've ever met.) We turned around and discovered that we had left the door open on coop #1.  Most of the chickens were outside, ambling around, enjoying the dandelions.  The chickens in coop #2 had told on them!  They either sensed danger or were jealous over the other chickens' treat.  Regardless, they knew something wasn't quite right and they let us know...
     Brewster, the rooster is very bossy with "his girls".  He struts around, saying, "Buh-buh-buh-buh-buh".  He says this more when he sees us approaching the coop or when he hears us talking.  When we offer dandelion greens or violet leaves (two of their favorite treats), his talk increases.  But, he doesn't eat much of it.  He's telling his girls, "Here's a treat. This will make our eggs better, their shells stronger. Eat up. Ladies first."  These are just a couple of examples of chicken talk.  There are at least 5 more distinct sounds which I interpret to mean different things... 
     I decided to Google "Chicken Language" and see if any of these had been noted my other chicken owners.  The first site I found was hilarious!  This is the site, should you decide to Google it:  uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Chicken_(language
     Here is an excerpt from their site. (I read the entire site aloud to Moshe and we screamed with laughter... hope you will enjoy it, too.)

 History of Chicken Language

The langauge of Chicken was first recorded in 5678BC, since then it has come in 5 stages of advancement. From 5678BC to approx' 2000BC it was the 'Chicken basic' age of Chicken language. From about 2000BC to 980BC it was called the 'Peckish age'. This was a major point in Chicken history where all chickens revolted against their evil leaders of the Quackian Empire of the Ducks. From then on from 980BC to about 20AD it was the period of the 'Cluckish age' where Chicken language took one step more advance. this was a famous time where verbs, adverbs and pronouns were developed. During the time of the age of 'The Fried Chicken Empire' (20AD to 1923AD) the language took another step forward in developing. The language of 'Pok BraWk!' was developed taking it forward, still today in modern society 'Pok BraWk!' is still used in some books. From 1923 after the war between the 'Kentuckistan Chicken Empire' and the 'Power Beak Republic' war was waged, Chicken language was taken into modern account. The new and official language of 'Cluckin' Common' was formed. This being the new language which is used by all Chickens world wide. Until the 'Pecking Beak of Cluck Union' was crumbled due to the rise of the almost invincible demonic powers of the 'Kuntucky fried chicken', 'BaWk Donalds' and other minor evil fast food outlets came out, 'Cluckin' Common' language still holds as the official language.

Pope Chick o' Fillet III[edit] Chicken Academy

The official building of where the language of 'Pok BraWk!' was the Académie de poulet d'institut d'histoire, de sciences économiques et de langue. (Chicken Academy of History, Economics and Language Institute.) Which was established in 29AD and still stands today, it has been made over 8 times due to erosion. This academy was presented by Pope 'Chick o' fillet III'. This would be the place where the official records and history of the Chicken people of age would be kept for eternity.

Happy Clucking!
Shalom Y'all,      Twyla

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