Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rosh Hashanah - Happy New Year!

      This morning, along with our eggs and  toast, I fixed a plate of apple wedges and a bowl of honey for dipping;  these are the traditional food for Rosh Hashana - one tastes the sweetness and ask G-d to bring that sweetness into the next year. Rosh Hashana is the REAL new year's day,  Per the LORD's calendar, the Hebrew calendar, this is the first day of a new year.  Like most things  today, the worldly idea of New Year's day is rowdy music, lots of alcohol, frantic dancing, etc. - We live in what I call "opposite world". Almost everything has gotten warped and twisted, so that what people consider "normal" is, in fact, anti-G-d. Things are the opposite of what they were created to be...
     Rosh Hashana is a high Holy day.  An "extra Sabbath" this week. A day to thank Abba Father for  His many blessings, and, to ask  His blessing on the new year to come.  Last night we lit the Sabbath candles, and "took communion" - Kiddush - to host in the new year.  We prayed together and separately that the LORD will protect us this year and make us a blessing to others.
     Above is another of my paintings. A Torah scroll, opened to the ten commandments.  I painstakingly copied the commandments letter-by-letter, in Hebrew, just as the anciect scribes were required to do with the entire Torah.  Rosh Hashana is the day of Teshuva - repentance and the turning back to Torah... Not quite the same as the revelry of "opposite world".
     We are going to the beach today.  We're taking a picnic lunch and lots of food for the fish and ducks.
And our devotions books  (communing with each other and God on a beach all to ourselves is awesome!)
When we come home this afternoon we will watch a movie and graze on various snacks in the fridge and cupboards.  Relaxation. Meditation. Adoration.
     Shanah Tovah!  (Happy New Year!)
                                                                                           Shalom y'all,     Twyla

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