Thursday, September 2, 2010

You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover

               Everybody knows the feeling; it's almost pay day and it's time to think about paying the bills. Ugh. It's been a rough week - physical challenges, emotional upsets... the human condition.  Then, comes the credit card statement in the mail.  Now, we don't  believe in debt, but, sometimes one has to use a credit card for certain purchases.  During the past couple months we have used the credit card  more than usual. So, I dreaded opening the statement. Moshe and I talked yesterday about having to tighten  the budget belt even more (yikes!) so that we could pay off the balance.  Ugh, again!
               So this morning, with a deep breath and much gnashing of teeth, I opened the statement.... We have a credit for six dollars and some-odd cents!  Not a debit.  A credit.  Wow!  I had forgotten that I sent extra money last month in anticipation of the extra expenses this month.  What a cool thing to forget!  What a nice gift from God!
               Now, instead of being an object of dread, the credit card statement represents gladness.  It's the same piece of paper; it is our outlook that has changed.  And, so it is with people, places, things.  We mustn't jump to conclusions when all we see is the outer appearance.

         This is us. Moshe and  Twyla, taken  several months ago.  Just looking at this photo, what would you know about us?  Probably not  that we are devout believers in Jesus as our personal Saviors... Probably  not  that we are into chickens.  Probably  not that we are complete squares.(My Dad said to me one time, "You're so square, you're a cube".  My reply, "Thank you!"  You might think, looking at the large percentage of white hair on our heads, that we've been married for a long time.  Actually, our nine-month anniversary will be in a week or so.  That's for our first wedding;  the second one was a few months later... But, that's another story.
     So, don't judge a book by its cover - even if it's
                                                                                      from the credit card company!
                                                                                                      Shalom, Y'all,

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