Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On Giving Thanks - The Last Day of Sukkot

Porch decorations for Sukkot/Thanksgiving
          Today is the last day of Sukkot. We are going to leave the sukkah decorations up through the month of October, and, possibly November.  Decorating for Sukkot is based on the theme of the harvest, so it stands to reason that I would keep the screened porch decorated with Autumn leaves, artificial fruit, dried flowers, and cornstalks.  We had a great Sukkot - had friends over for great meals and conversations.  We had an extra table set up for our "unseen visitors" - one always invites such persons as Moses, Abraham, and Jesus for Sukkot.  Although we didn't see them in the physical, we can be certain they were present in the spiritual realm.
           And, so the next holiday we will celebrate is Thanksgiving.  (Trust me, we will NOT observe Halloween!)  Did y'all know that originally when the Pigrims celebrated "Thanksgiving", they were actually observing Sukkot?  They observed this holiday earlier in the year than what Americans now celebrate Thanksgiving, and it was to thank God for the harvest.  They originally celebrated this day of thanks between Sept 21 and Nov 9, but usually in early October... THAT is Sukkot. See this site for further reading on this subject. The people who came to this land were obeying Torah in their harvest celebration.
           It was many, many years later that President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday - to be observed on the last Thursday of November. See this site to read more about this.
Nothing like having a little bed right by the dining tables1

Shalom Y'all,

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