Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brewster's Harem

This afternoon, while I  worked crazily on projects for Thanksgiving and Hannukah,  Moshe let all the chickens roam the yard near their arks (moveable coops).  This was the first time Brewster-the-rooster has been outside the coop since Moshe built it.  He was a LOT tamer outside the coop than he is inside. I guess when he's in there, he feels more threatened by people and dogs... no where to run, no where to hide... Well, anyway, they had a great time.  They dug  in the grass and leaves, finding "treats" such as bugs and salamanders. (Glad I'm not a chicken!) 
out for a stroll...
Moxie, keeping her distance...

      A couple times they tried to sample the greens growing in Moshe's winter garden, but we stopped them and herded them back down the hill.  Moxie was hilarious.  She couldn't decide where to be or what to do.(So many chickens; so little time.)  She tried to tell Brewster what to do, but Brewster pecked her nose 'til she whimpered like a kitten.  Never one to give up,  she quickly found some more receeptive chickens to herd around the yard.  Now, completely exhausted, poor Moxie is stretched out on the floor between our desks,  no doubt dreaming of chickens.

Shalom Y'all - Twyla

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