Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy Days

Cloudy skies

   Today is the second day of near-constant rain here in the mountains.  Yesterday it was a slow steady rain all day.  But, last night and today there have been episodes of heavy rain interspersed with the slower, more continuous showers.  Weather.com predicts thunderstorms this evening.  Oh, Boy!  CassPurr is scared of the thunder... He runs, howls, tries to find a place to hide.  Like a small child, he is best comforted by me holding him and talking softly to him, poor baby.
     Since Moshe can't work outside in the torrential rain, he has spent most of the day in the kitchen.  He's grinding grain and making bread dough, cutting herbs for homemade foccacia bread,  making a salad of fresh greens from the winter garden.
     I, on the other hand, have spent most of the day out of the kitchen - unusual for me.  Sometimes a change of pace is good for the soul,  y'know?

  I went into town this morning - had several errands to run, then a meeting to go to in the next town over - about twenty miles.  I arrived back home around 2 PM.   Occasionally the rain showers were heavy while I was driving, but they would let up each time I needed to get out of the car and walk into the store, the post office, etc.
       I said several prayers of thanks for that;  God is so good to me!  Then, when I arrived back home, just as I began backing up the driveway, the sky opened up and the rains came pouring out.  Amazingly heavy rain.  All of a sudden.  Simultaneously, my windshield wipers stopped working.  I couldn't help but think, "What if?"  What if I had been in the next town?  How would I get home if the rain was heavy, with no windshield wipers?  What if I'd been on the way home, couldn't see, and had some sort of accident?   Ah, the "What if" game... We women are especially good at playing it...
     Again, I could only say a prayer of thanks to God for His ever-abundant mercy.
A typical rainy day view of the creek

           Tomorrow it's supposed to be cool but sunny.  I'll be back in the kitchen... Plan on making a big pot of homemade     spaghetti sauce to go with that foccacia bread my Hubby is working on today.  Yummy.  I'll also tackle the laundry and the horrifically dirty kitchen floor.  Imagine - an off-white kitchen floor.  On a farm.  And it's been raining for two days and nights. And there's this big black dog living here... I'm NOT providing y'all with a photo ot THAT!!!
Shalom Y'all - Twyla

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