Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving - Israel 2006

Entranceway to Yad Vashem. 
     I can hardly believe it's been 4 years since I went to Israel.  In some ways it seems like decades ago; in others, it seems as if it only just happened.  At any rate, I was in Israel for Thanksgiving in 2006.  What a wonderful trip.  What a beautiful place.  Ha!  I didn't want to leave; and, guess what?  There was a government strike the day we were supposed to fly home... Government strike = airports closed = extended vacation.  I remember that some of the people on the tour were angry about staying extra;  I was thrilled.  Had we not stayed those few extra days we wouldn't have seen "the Holocaust Museum" - the museum of Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes - Yad Vashem - in my opinion, the most meaningful experience of the tour.  Sobering to say the least.  Man's inhumanity towards man. And yet, there were also stories of heroic actions, and examples of the best of mankind.  We stayed 4 or 5 hours; to really take in the  experience would take at least 2 days. I remember, there was not a dry eye leaving the building. Like life, there was only one entrance and one exit.

Me, at the Gateway into Capharnaum

 Earlier in the trip we saw much of Israel's countryside... miraculous agricultural areas that fulfill the prophets of old;  the Jordan River, which, in places, is a roaring river, and in other areas is a mere babbling brook.  Many of us were baptized in the Jordan... let me tell you, it was like icewater!  Also, of interest were the white doves in the trees along the river's edge.  Yes, most everything reminded me of Scripture... We saw Cana, the site of Jesus' first miracle.  And Capernaam (Capharnaum), the home of Simon Peter and Jesus' "home base" during His ministry on earth.  The remnants of Peter's house is still there, almost next door to the old synagogue.
The Scriptures - both Old Testament and New - came to life as we experienced life in the Holy Land.  We saw the seat of Moses in the old synagogue there in Capernaam... Someone offered to take my picture if I would sit in it;  alot of folks were doing that, but it felt disrespectful to me, so I declined.  The seat of Moses is where a visiting Rabbi sits to read from the Torah scroll.
the sun begine to set on the Sea of Gallilee

One of my favorite photos - an oasis in Israel

Shalom y'all - Twyla

 I could probably blog about Israel all day.  But, life beckons.  It's Thanksgiving 2010, and family will be arriving in a few hours.  There are preparations to be made, food to cook, the regular household and farm chores to see to.  Meanwhile, my Hubby has fixed me a wonderful breakfast of latkes and scrambled eggs. And brought the plate to my desk!  Very unusual to eat at our desks!   My husband is my oasis.  So, on this Thanksgiving day I thank Ha'Shem for my marriage which is now almost a year old.

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