Sunday, November 28, 2010

He's Back and it's Deja Vu All Over Again

CassPurr on the guest room bed
 Okay, Third time's a charm, right?  Yesterday was the third time CassPurr pulled his disappearing act.  The first time it lasted about a month; the second time it was a couple-three days; this time, less than 24 hours.  He is  just weird!  He acts very strange when he gets in this "mode";  almost as if he's having some sort of endocrine episode... maybe too much adrenal activity?  Low blood sugar? I don't know.  He just looks insane; then, asks to go out; then disappears.  Sheesh. It was 23 degrees outside last night.  Where did he go?  When he came back this morning he was hungry, a bit skittish, but otherwise none the worse for wear.  After eating, he has chosen a new spot - sleeping on the guest room bed with several teddy bears and rabbits.  Trying to "blend"???  He cooperated with a short photo session; ate a bite again; then returned to the bed.   We'll see...
"Alright, already... lemme go back to sleep now."

      y'all -


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  1. I guess weirdness runs in the family. LOL! wink, wink.